Find out what it is really like to sail one of the fastest & most powerful round the world racing yachts with Vendée Globe skipper Steve White

Steve White onboard Volvo 70: bluQube


Sailing days provide a fantastic opportunity to really engage with new clients, or to reward staff, and even as a platform for teambuilding, (we find the boat does this naturally anyway!)

A corporate sailing day with Steve is a day with a difference as not only will you become a part of an historic record attempt, but you will get the chance to quiz Steve about his sailing experiences, the Vendée Globe, and of course the up and coming Westabout Solo Record, as well as sailing on a fantastic machine.

Typically, a day would begin at 10.00 on board, for a safety brief before going out sailing – we need help to get the boat under way, and we actively encourage participation and involvement from all guests, who will be asked to help hoist sails, trim, steer and so forth, if they want. We would eat at around 12.30 (you will have worked up an appetite!) then aim to be back on the dock for 16.30 in time for a cup of tea, or something stronger perhaps for those who aren’t driving.

We are MCA Coded for 15 persons total. Prices from £3000.

White Ocean Racing Corporate Sailing


White Ocean Racing Corporate Sailing

Steve believes that boats like our Volvo 70 should be shared with as many people as possible.

As such we generally invite passers-by on board for a tour, but, for the adventurous few who want to go a step further, there’s the chance to book a berth or two, or perhaps the whole boat, either for yourself, as a present for friend or loved one, or even for sailing clubs or entire families!

We can offer bespoke itineraries throughout the winter and summer – for example day sailing from Portland to cross Channel weekends.

Prices start from £200 per head, for an experience that will stay for life with sailors, non-sailors or just the adventurous amongst us.



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